About US

Company Principle

Denka Seiken's mission is prevention, diagnosis, and hygiene management to support human health. We contribute to society in a variety of fields, from medicine to food and the environment.

Denka Seiken started out as a manufacturer of vaccines for human use. Later, we became involved with diagnostic reagents and expanded the scope of our business activities to meet the needs of our diverse customer base, offering our product lines, service, and in-depth knowledge to hospitals and clinics. Today, Denka Seiken has established itself as a manufacturer of vaccines and diagnostic reagents, making us unique among our many competitors in the pharmaceutical field.
Denka Seiken is engaged in diligent research and development in such fields as bacteriology and virology, immunochemistry, clinical chemistry and food-related diagnostic reagents, in addition to vaccines against influenza, DPT, and various other illnesses.
With the advent of the 21st century, we face the dawn of new challenges, such as continued health care for the elderly in a society where the average life expectancy is increasing, and the emergence of new infectious diseases, along with other environmental changes. Health-issue awareness has increased as never before. Today, our products play a diverse and crucial role in prevention, diagnosis, and hygiene management.

Message from the President

Tetsuro Maeda, President and CEO Simply stated, the origin of Denka Seiken can be directly attributed to the fundamental concept that the significance of safeguarding a single human life surpasses all else. "Life is precious"

From vaccines to diagnostic reagents, we are proud of more than half a century of social contribution based on Immune, Antibody and Cell Culture Technology

Ever since our foundation, we have taken on the challenge of eliminating infectious diseases. "Prevention", a keyword crucial to our company mission, is a constant driving factor as we strive to develop and produce of a broad range of vaccines and test reagents in our R&D endeavors.
Based on the cornerstone ideology of seeking a reputation for quality and employing dedicated personnel, Denka Seiken devotes its resources to fulfill ever-changing international demands, a principal responsibility as a pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer. As mankind evolves in this increasingly global environment, the control of infectious diseases is always at the threshold of a new era. Such issues are of major importance, and consequently augment the scale and purpose of our company mission. We have reached a junction at which we are compelled to redouble our efforts, by employing the most up-to-date technologies with our technical experience. We must further strive to meet the many and ever changing needs of medical professionals and patients alike around the world.