Immunochemistry The diagnostic reagents that Denka Seiken offers utilize antigen-antibody reactions to determine the quantity of serum proteins in the blood. Among them are latex reagents that utilize latex agglutination and turbidimetric immunodiagnostic assay (TIA) reagents that directly measure agglutination by antigen-antibody reaction. Both types of reagents are general-purpose autoanalyzer-ready, allowing fast and easy measurement. Denka Seiken has gained widespread acknowledgement internationally for latex reagents such as C-reactive Protein (CRP) and rheumatoid factor (RF), among others that it develops, manufactures, and markets.

** Products in this range are currently not available for export sales except for Korea, Taiwan and the People's Republic of China (except for bulk or OEM).

Latex-enhanced TIA For automated chemistry analyzers

Latex-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassays for specific serum proteins from Denka Seiken provide rapid and highly accurate results on most clinical chemistry analyzers. Through the use of well-selected latex particles and antibodies (antigens), all assays possess excellent sensitivity and specificity, comparable to other methodologies with dedicated instruments.

Analyte Assay name Application Assay Range
Lower limit Up to Unit
C-Reactive protein CRP(II)X2 Ultra-sensitive 0.05 160 mg/L
Standard 0.1 320 mg/L
Wide-range 0.2 480 mg/L
Myoglobin Mb(CN)   10 800 ng/mL
Lipoprotein(a) Lp(a)   1 180 nmol/L
Ferritin FER(X2)CN   10 1000 ng/mL
Total lgE lgE   25 1000 IU/mL
Alpha-fetoprotein AFP   7 250 ng/mL
Beta2-microglobulin BMG(X1) Serum 0.2 80 mg/L
Urine 0.03 8 mg/L
Alpha1-microglobulin αMi Serum 1.5 200 mg/L
Urine 0.3 50 mg/L
Rheumatoid factor RF(X1)   3 120 IU/mL
Anti-streptolysin O ASO   20 1200 IU/mL
Cystatin C Cys-C   0.1 10 mg/L

Features include:

  • All reagents, including calibrators, are ready-to-use, liquid format.
  • No sample pre-treatment is necessary.
  • Excellent on-board stability.
  • Applicable to most automated chemistry analyzers.

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